Gilbert Sta. Ines

October 24, 2016

We at Akamu Soon recognize that the allegations against Mr. Gilbert Sta Ines are very serious. However, at this point, they remain mere allegations. Mr. Sta Ines denies the charges and unequivocally maintains his innocence. To that end, he has pled NOT GUILTY and trusts that the judicial process will bring the truth to light.

As his legal representatives, we will vigorously examine all aspects of the State's case as we prepare to fight each charge.

In the interim, we simply ask that the public withhold judgment. Only one side of the story has been presented, and there are always two sides to every story. Our system of justice works because every citizen accused of a crime must be presumed innocent. Mr. Sta Ines cannot, and should not, be denied the same protections and rights solely because of the nature of these charges.

We hope to ensure that the ends of justice are met as we continue to work towards Gilbert's exoneration.


K. Kenji Akamu

Lead Counsel